Camp ROC STAR Academy - NEW!


Camp ROC Star has expanded their programs and now offers a year-round Academy. They are accepting registrations for anybody who has the desire to play in a band and perform in front of a live audience! Held at the amazing Lyric Theater, on East Ave. in Rochester, NY, Camp ROC Star Academy brings aspiring musicians together and teaches them the essentials to succeed as a true rock band.

It's for serious musicians who want the ultimate "garage band" experience with instruction from top professional musicians. Each band will rehearse once per week developing their "set list". Once their set is ready to go, they will put on a show at various local live music establishments. Get out of your bedrooms and "join a band"!

Amp it Up and Get Serious...It's Time to Rock!

Head over to the Camp Roc Star Academy page to learn more, or head directly to the Registration Center, and enroll today!

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